The 30 Best Dogs Of 2012

We hate to rank these dogs because, unlike cats, all dogs are created equally awesome. However, these things must be done, so here’s a countdown of the best dogs of the year.

30. Air conditioner puppy

Ah, the great rivalry between Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers and automobile air conditioners.

ID: 757354

29. Elee, the very talented Shiba Inu

ID: 757330

So much skill in such a small fox-like body.

ID: 757341

28. This dog who’s willing to give his friend a lift

Take a lesson from this Boston Terrier: always lend a helping hand (or head), even if it’s for a different species.

ID: 757420

27. This tiny Pomeranian who just wants to escape

The canine personification of overcoming life’s everyday frustrations.

ID: 757400

26. This Dachshund who found himself caught in a sweater

Oscar taught us the valuable lesson that if you put off things (like doing laundry) for long enough, eventually you’ll be trapped by your laziness.

ID: 757432

25. Dubstep Dog

It was a big year for dubstep, so of course dogs got in on the action.

ID: 757627

24. This proud mama dog

This German Shepherd exemplifies the joy of motherhood. LOOK WHAT SHE MADE!

ID: 758800

23. The Golden Retriever who guarded his owner’s bike

As politely as possible, of course. AND THEN HE HITCHED A RIDE!

ID: 758951

22. This very helpful lab

Visiting the vet is never fun, but having a lab as a receptionist kinda makes up for it.

ID: 757744

21. This lucky dog

Ever wonder what Heaven is like? This lab gives us a preview.

ID: 757844

20. Penny, who can play fetch by herself

If only we could all find such happiness by ourselves.

ID: 757480

19. Mudd, the Bulldog on a trampoline

Such joi de vivre is rarely experienced by humans.

ID: 757521

18. Jiff, the happiest Pomeranian in the world

This year Boo got some serious competition for “cutest Pom.”

ID: 757814

17. The Bantha Pug

This year Wampug got a costume upgrade, and there was much rejoicing.

ID: 758777

16. This dog kissing a dolphin

One of the most important interspecies love affairs of the year.

ID: 758695

15. Ramen Noodle, the armless Toy Poodle

Ramen Noodle’s live may have started rough, but his story illustrates one of the best things about animals: their utter lack of self-pity.

ID: 758680

14. This incredibly happy dog

He taught us to stop and appreciate the simple joys of life and encouraged us to spend some time enjoying nature.

ID: 759056

13. This English Pointer, who helped his human get a drink of water

Newspix / Rex / Rex USA

Man’s best friend, indeed.

ID: 760830

12. The dog who will steal your soul

It’s so cute OH GOD WHY.

ID: 758956

11. Corgnelius the Corgi

It’s pretty obvious why Corgnelius was counted amongst the most influential corgis of 2012.

ID: 757300

10. Zeus, the world’s tallest dog

Guinness World Records 2013 Book, Kevin Scott Ramos, HO / AP

This Great Dane measures a giant 7’4 on his hind legs. He’s practically a horse.

ID: 758722

9. Meysi, the world’s smallest dog

This teensy Yorkie mix is roughly the size of a hamster, which is both weird and adorable.

ID: 759116

8. Loca, the Pug who couldn’t run

There is nothing to say about Loca, other than there has never been a greater Pug. For the curious, Loca’s inability to run is caused by a neurological disorder called ataxia, which in most cases is neither life-threatening nor painful.

ID: 757535

7. Lawyer dog

One of the most popular macros this year, Lawyer Dog bills by the hour. Luckily, he prefers to get paid in milkbones and belly scratches.

ID: 758677

6. This slightly suspicious dog

He’s not buying what you’re selling.

ID: 758730

5. Shiba Confessions

Clearly, the most important Shiba Inu tumblr of the year, if not ever.

ID: 758786

4. This puppy experiencing growing pains

Growing up sucks. :(

ID: 758805

3. Moose the Shar Pei

This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

ID: 757723

2. Maddie the Coonhound

Maddie travels around the country standing on things, and it’s beautiful. Seriously. She stands on everything!

ID: 758764

1. Best Dog Of 2012: Maymo the Lemon Beagle

ID: 760625

It was a huge year for this handsome but naughty canine. Maymo gained popularity when he stole a cabbage from a table, but really came into his own when dog shaming became popular.

ID: 762262

Dog shaming, where people submit pictures of their dogs along with notes explaining the horribly naughty things they do, was the year’s biggest dog trend.

ID: 760607

Maymo earned his title as Best Dog of 2012 by being featured in the ultimate dog shaming video.

Good job, Maymo!

ID: 762269

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