11 Illustrated Truths About Making Art

Getting your best ideas at 3am = goodbye sleep.

1. How you started making art in high school:

ID: 2587608

2. Scoping out your competition:

Comic by Jess Marfisi.

ID: 2590427

3. Getting inspired just as you’re going to sleep.

ID: 2590237

4. And not being able to sleep.

ID: 2652671

5. Why you never see your friends:

Chart by Murray The Nut.

ID: 2638227

6. Forgetting to eat when you’re in the zone.

ID: 2652084

7. Having to write artists’ statements to market yourself.

ID: 2587610

8. Effort vs. end result.

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9. “Commenting” vs “Plagiarizing”

The anxiety of influence is real.

ID: 2587609

10. And the uncertain future you know you signed up for.

ID: 2598067

11. All that for the freedom:

ID: 2652269

Rejoice! You can make anything you want!

Comic by Janus/Atok.

ID: 2652272

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