The Best Fed Colleges In The US

When you are picking a college, something you should consider is how yummy the cafeteria food is! A well-fed stomach helps fuel a well-fed mind. Here are the best fed colleges in the US, sponsored by Capital One Journey Student Card.

1. Bowdoin College

These guys got served LOBSTER at the beginning of the school year. The school also bakes their own bread, butchers their own meat, and uses vegetables from the school garden.

2. Virginia Tech

Would you like lobster or steak? Blueberry french toast? Come to the West End Market at Virginia Tech. If you fancy a chain restaurant, you can eat at Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, and Cinnabon too.


UCLA’s dining halls are all-you can eat, and they serve yummy foods like sushi, organic salad, paninis, and gelato. They were also awarded the award for Most Vegan-Friendly College in 2010.

4. Wheaton College

On their menu is Belgian chocolate homemade truffles, lavender-infused pork chops with onion gravy, and cumin-lime baked chicken with avocado cream sauce. (What!?)

5. Cornell University

Cornell University has 30 different on-campus dining options (and an ice cream parlor)! They also have two food trucks that are located by the fraternity houses.

6. Boston College

At Boston College you can get homemade potato chips (called Frips), fresh sushi, and gourmet cheese platters. They even have a Chocolate Bar where you can fill your sweet tooth with all things chocolate.

7. Middlebury College

Middlebury College has 3 dining halls with lots and lots of variety of food. The coolest thing about their dining halls is that they let you take as much food out of the dining hall as you like, as long as you return the dishes. Win.

8. Occidental College

Occidental (Oxy) was ranked in the top 20 in “Best College Food” by the Princeton Review in 2011.

9. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia has a 24 hour dining hall with a phenomenal salad bar. There are also hot, fresh cookies every day.

10. St. Olaf College

If you are concerned about local, organic, and ethical food, St. Olaf college’s dining will put a smile on your face! All the fruits, vegetables, and herbs are bought from the student-run organic farm!

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