18 Mind Blowing Hacks For Food On-The-Go

When you live a fast paced life, you need meals that won’t hold you down. With these clever food hacks and Campbell’s Go™ soups, eating on-the-go just got a whole lot more delicious.

1. Try Food In A Jar For An Easy And Reheatable On-The-Go Snack

Find out how to make your own pizza in a jar right here!

2. So Why Not Have Some Pre-Dipped Celery Sticks In Peanut Butter?

Find out how to craft this snack over here!

3. Or A Layered Salad With Orange Ginger Dressing

Get the full recipe over here!

4. Or Maybe Cupcakes To Go Are More Your Style

Find out how to make the full recipe here!

5. And You Can Top It All Off With A Banana Split Parfait

Your parfait adventure begins right over here.

6. Food On A Stick Makes Eating On-The-Go A Breeze

Find out how to make these pizza treats right here!

9. Or Maybe You’re Craving A Taco? Don’t Worry, There’s A Hack For That…

Find out how to make your very own taco bag right here!

10. Don’t Want The Container? Make Your Meal A Muffin!

Find out how to make them right here!

12. Easy Mini Thai Chicken Pies To Go

Get the full recipe over here!

14. And For Dessert, Try Putting Your Favorite Treat In A Push-Up Pop

Find out how to make these treats right here!

Inspired by Campbell’s Go™ soups. They’re so close to the real thing, you won’t believe it!

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