10 Great Music Covers That Are So Close To The Real Thing

Move over pop stars! These amateur singers are here to blow your mind. You know what else is mind-blowing? Campbell’s Go™ soups. They’re so close to the real thing.

1. This girl KILLS “I Will Always Love You” at a grocery store of all places.

ID: 650293

2. 1, 2, 3, 4, tell you you wanna hear more from this duo.

ID: 650374

3. This talented man sang “E lucevan le stelle,” and he should really quit his day time job and become an opera singer.

ID: 650283

4. Beautiful voice + Beatboxing = Perfect cover of “Thinking Bout You”

ID: 650375

5. It’s almost scary how close this “Rehab” rendition is to the real thing.

ID: 650309

6. This is probably the cutest version of “Home” you’ve ever heard and seen.

ID: 650377

7. Can you believe how beautiful this construction worker sings? During his lunch break he croons swing era hits on 2nd Ave in NYC.

ID: 650317

8. This version of “Sexy And I Know It” is better than the original.

ID: 650378

9. “Isn’t She Lovely?” No, really. Isn’t her cover lovely?

ID: 650386

10. Prepare yourself for an amazing cover of “Halo.”

ID: 650388

Inspired by Campbell’s Go™ soups. They’re so close to the real thing, you won’t believe it!

ID: 704154

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