10 Famous Landmarks And Their Greatest Facsimiles

You don’t have to worry if you haven’t been to a national landmark because their replicas are usually more fun. Check out some amazing replicas we’re dying to see in real life, and then go on your own journey with one of the new flavors of Campbell’s Go™ soups.

1. Here Is The Statue Of Liberty In New York

What a beauty!

2. And Here’s Part Of Her On Lake Mendota In Wisconsin

While running for student body presidents at the University of Wisconsin in 1978, two students promised that if elected, they would bring the Statue of Liberty to Wisconsin. So when they were, they made this replica out of papier-mâché and chicken wire and set it out on Lake Mendota. The structure still makes appearances in winter.

3. This Is The Capitol Building In D.C.

It’s all business, as you can see.

4. And Here’s The One At Legoland In California

Look at all those Lego people trying to agree on their Lego rights!

5. This Is Stonehenge In Wiltshire, UK

Archaeologists think it was constructed between 3000 BC to 2000 BC, so it’s pretty mysterious.

6. And This Is Carhenge In Alliance, Nebraska

Carhenge is, you know…less so. It was built in June of 1987, and is comprised of 38 vintage American automobiles that were spray painted gray.

7. Presenting: The Tower of Pisa In Tuscany

It’s located next to the Piazza del Duomo (which is known for it’s medieval art collection), but many people visit the site to see the tower’s “unintended” tilt to one side.

8. And Here’s The Tower Of Pizza In Saugus, Massachusetts

This tilt (conveniently located next to something called “Route 1 North”) is probably not as accidental.

9. The Great Sphinx In Giza

We all know this guy.

10. And Here’s His Counterpart Made Out Of M&M’s In British Columbia, Canada

And yes, these milk chocolate candies DO melt in your hand, so please don’t touch anything.

11. You’ve Seen The London Tower Bridge

No, this isn’t the one that’s falling down. That’s a different bridge in London. As you can see, this one is very sturdy.

12. But How Solid Is This Mini One In Shenzhen, China?

It’s just one of the 118 miniature replicas of historic landmarks that you’ll find in the Window of the World theme park. And from the looks of things, only 2 people can walk across it at a time.

13. We All Know The Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco

What a glorious opportunity to debate the difference between red and orange!

14. But Here’s What It Would Look Like If It Were Made Out Of Toothpicks

But there’s even more up for discussion with respect to this 13-foot model of it made out of 30,000 toothpicks and glue.

15. And We Can’t Forget About The Parthenon In Athens

It’s arguably one of the most beautiful temples in the world, as it was constructed way back 438 BC.

16. Or The One In Nashville, Tennessee

But if you can’t afford a trip to Greece, the Parthenon replica in Nashville’s got your back.

17. Obviously There’s The Eiffel Tower In Paris, France


18. And This Lil’ Lady In Paris, Texas

She’s got a little sass in ‘er, as you can see.

19. And Last But Not Least, Mount Rushmore Near Keystone, South Dakota

It’s really quite marvelous. The pictures probably don’t do it justice.

20. But Here’s Another “Mount Rushmore,” Made Out Of 700 Pounds Of Cheese

Which is “more American?” You decide.

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