11 Reasons Kevin Spacey Is A Total Badass

K-Space dominates. He kills it daily. Now, he is killing it in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Let’s face it, he already owned the trailer. And that’s just a trailer…

1. 50 Awards. 36 Nominations. 69+ Roles.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters / Reuters

Frederick M. Brown


He’s a BAMF.

complex.com / Via CBS

Let’s continue…

2. He’s a dog lover.

Ron Galella / Getty Images

And his dogs love riding shotgun.

3. He’s friends with Bill Clinton.

Jamie McCarthy / Via Getty Images

4. Like, real friends.



5. He’s a Commander of the British Empire.

Akira Suemori/WPA Pool / Getty Images

Which is pretty badass for an American.

6. He went to Juilliard.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

9. Owing to the fact that he, really, has won a lot of awards.

Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times / MCT

10. Like, he’s won the Oscar every time he’s been nominated.

funnygirls-help.tumblr.com / Via NBC Universal

11. So. Even he knows he’s…

Check out this trailer… He’s good. Real good…


For a badass.

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