15 GIFs Of Sports Illustrated Model Kate Bock

Snaps, kisses, hair flips, jazzy dancing, and more.

Meet Kate Bock!

You might know her best as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Here, she talks about her other experiences posing with cats.

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And now, reaction gifs!

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1. Snaps, just because.

ID: 1105738

2. Model mania.

ID: 1105753

3. A hair flip with gusto.

ID: 1105739

4. Air kisses from a swimsuit model, haaay.

ID: 1105742

5. More kisses.

ID: 1105748

6. Stressed model alert.

ID: 1105745

7. “She said what?”

ID: 1105751

8. “Oh no she didn’t.”

ID: 1105755

9. Obligatory eye roll.

ID: 1105759

10. Obligatory pout (to follow eye roll).

ID: 1105761

11. If it ain’t cute, keep it on mute.

ID: 1105763

12. Deuces!

ID: 1105766

13. Guys, Kate Bock just totally winked at us.

ID: 1105768

14. “…”

ID: 1105771

15. In conclusion, we said something shocking. (Not really.)

ID: 1105773

GIFs and Video by James Ari.

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