22 Reasons Why Bras Are The Absolute Worst

Bras: the most unpleasant undergarment known to womankind. Here’s why.

1. They never fit properly.

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2. When you try on bras in a store you realize you are never a true A, B, C, D — what have you.

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3. No matter how tight you make the straps they always seem to fall off your shoulders.

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4. Or they’ll dig into your flesh and quietly hurt you all day.

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5. It’s virtually impossible to find bras in Victoria’s Secret — one of the most ubiquitous lingerie stores — that aren’t stuffed til they resemble airline pillows.

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6. Or that just generally aren’t absurd-looking.

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7. You might try a new minimalist bra one day — only to get to work and discover that you nip right through it.

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8. Also, bras are pretty much always over-priced.

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9. Not to mention, a complete bitch to care for.

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10. Like… hand washing? AS IF.

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11. There is no good bra to wear with backless or cut-out dresses.

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12. You will talk yourself into a a lace bra, put it on, and realize it feels like wearing this:

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13. Basically every lace bra is itchy and horrible-feeling.

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14. And then there’s ghost boobs.

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15. And the grim reality that you need a whole separate set of bras for working out.

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16. So you have to decide if you want to store them with your regular bras or find a whole separate drawer for them entirely.

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17. Even sports bras look ridiculous much of the time.

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18. But you feel like you have to have cute ones, because— quite tragically — no one wears this to the gym anymore.

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19. In sum: bras are pretty much a giant hassle all around.

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20. And always make you wonder if you’d be just as well off wearing a bikini top under your clothes.

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21. Or if you should just give up on bras entirely.

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22. Because if you threw out all your bras, you probably wouldn’t even miss them.

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Kate Upton sure doesn’t.

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