This Vintage Photo Of Costumed Characters Is Seriously Disturbing

Kill it with fire!

1. Behold, what might be the most frighting photo of a group of costumed characters ever taken, and it has also left me without so many questions:

ID: 3240661

2. But there really is too much going on, so let’s take a closer look at all the creepiness:

ID: 3240945

3. First off, is this character supposed to be Donald Duck?!

He looks like a cracked-out Howard the Duck!

ID: 3240885

4. Is this a sad clown or a sad jack-o’-lantern?

Also, where are it’s eyes?!

ID: 3241562

5. Is this some sorta unholy Homer and Bart Simpson hybrid?

ID: 3240892

6. Why is the Pink Panther (?) making a face and pose like he was caught in police raid?

ID: 3240874

7. I am also really perplexed as to why this girl seems to be cool with everything that is going on here?

And also those EYES! AHHHH!

ID: 3240976

8. And this poor little girl, she is doing what we’re all thinking:

ID: 3240833


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