This 2005 UNICEF Commerical Featuring “The Smurfs” Will Destroy Your Childhood

It was all for a very good cause, but it was just so dark.

1. Every kid remembers The Smurfs, the smurfing ’80s cartoon about a commune of blue woodland creature-hippies that lived in mushrooms.

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2. They were a happy bunch, that for the most part lived a peaceful existence.

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3. But in a 2005 commercial for UNCIEF, things got dark for our beloved Smurfs.

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4. The commercial starts off with the familiar peaceful forrest setting, just like the intro to the series.

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5. We then cut to a typical Smurf scene, were they are celebrating like usual.

ID: 3274265

6. But then, out nowhere, bombs drop on the Smurfs!

ID: 3274273

7. And the Smurf Village is completly destroyed — along with several smurfing casualties.

ID: 3274275

8. The ad that accompanied the commercial wasn’t much better:

ID: 3274088

9. Sadly, it looks like Smurfette and whatever Smurf that is on the right did not survive.

ID: 3274123

10. Check out the entire destruction of the Smurfs here:

ID: 3274089

11. And this will be pretty much your reaction:

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