The Real Reason John Cleese Doesn’t Have A Fan Club

One fan got the answer in the most awesome letter exchange ever.

1. John Cleese is not only a comedy icon…

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2. …but also an international treasure.

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3. So he deserves a proper fan club, right?

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4. Well, one fan dared to ask why he didn’t have one and the dark secret came out…

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5. …they were all murdered, and by the fan club for his fellow Monty Python member, Michael Palin, no less

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6. But according to Michael Palin, who put a follow-up letter up on Twitter, it wasn’t a murder, it was actually a mercy killing for “poor deluded victims.”

And here is Michael Palin's follow up letter. #MontyPythonLive

— Matt Hyde (@matthyde)
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7. RIP John Cleese fan club, you fought the good fight!

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