The Amazing "DuckTales Remastered" Trailer Will Have You Singing Along

Not ponytails. Not cottontails. DUCKTALES (WOO-oo)!

1. For anyone who grew-up playing the classic NES game, Ducktales, you will be pleased to know it is getting a hi-def makeover.

ID: 1036104

2. Scheduled to be released this summer DuckTales Remastered promises to be a faithful adaptation of the original game, with just a few added updates.

They were even able to get original show’s cast to do the voices, including the actors who voiced Scrooge McDuck, Magica De Spell and Launchpad McQuack.

ID: 1036184

3. Along with the announcement of the release, Capcom put together an awesome DuckTales Remastered trailer that I guarantee will have you singing along:

The game will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U systems.

ID: 1035883

4. The original DuckTales intro:

ID: 1035972

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