Mickey Mouse Was A Health Nut In The ’80s

Mousercise helped inspire a generation of kids to exercise.

1. In 1982, Disney jumped on aerobics trend and released the exercise album Mousercise. The record was a mix of updated classic Disney songs along with characters giving exercise instructions.

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2. The album included an instructional booklet with “Mousercises” (exercises).

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3. The album was a success and in 1983 it led to the creation of one of the first Disney Channel original TV series, Mousercise.

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4. Mousercise aired weekday mornings and was hosted by Kellyn Plasschaert. The show featured regular segments on exercise, safety, health and nutrition.

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5. It also featured Mickey Mouse, along with other Disney characters exercising with a group of kids.

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6. You could even get your own membership certificate to Mousercise.

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7. In 1985, they released a Mousercise home video.

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8. Disney also marketed other Mousercise related items as well, like coloring books…

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9. … Aerobic clothing…

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10. …And even special events at Disneyland.

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11. Mousercise (like the aerobics trend) slowly faded away in the late ’80s.

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12. Disney tried to re-launch a new updated Mousercise in 2005, but it never caught on.

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13. Mousercise record commercial:

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14. “Mousercise Medley”:

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15. Mousercise intro:

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