For Everyone Who Has Ever Experienced A Fotomat

The little kiosks that made developing photos in the ’70s easy.

1. Founded in 1965, Fotomat was once a national chain of photo development drive-thru kiosks.

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2. The kiosks were distinctive for their gold, pyramid-shaped roofs and red-lettered signs.

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3. Fotomat offered the convenience of one-day photo development.

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4. Another convenience was that they were typically located in the parking lots of supermarkets and strip malls, allowing for an easy drop-off and pick-up.

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5. At its peak in 1980 there were over 4,000 Fotomats throughout the U.S. But, with the advent of one-hour photo development, the company’s main product (one-day development) was made obsolete.

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6. Fotomat commercial from 1981:

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7. The company went completely out of business in September of 2009. Today the kiosks have been redeveloped for different uses, varying from watch repair shops to…

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8. Locksmith shops….

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9. Cigarette stands….

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10. Coffee shops….

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11. And alterations shops.

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12. While some sit abandoned.

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13. RIP Fotomats. You live on in the photos you developed.

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