Alexander Skarsgård Looks Almost Unrecognizable In This Early ’00s Swedish Magazine

In 2003, Askars was less a Viking warrior and more someone you’d see in a European boy band.

1. Behold: The March 2003 issue of the Swedish magazine, Kupé. Do you recognize who’s on the cover?

ID: 3171646

2. Yup, it’s Alexander Skarsgård!

ID: 3171868

3. And as you can tell back in 2003, Askars rocked some awesome frosted tips!

ID: 3171669

4. He also knew how to give some pretty serious “bored” model face, all while sporting some fugly — probably boot cut — jeans.

ID: 3171675

5. He also had his best Zoolander face down.

ID: 3171797

6. Of course, the standard pensive walk and stare.

ID: 3171798

7. But what is the lesson in all this?

ID: 3171800

8. Some of us take time to grow into our Viking vampire looks!

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ID: 3171817

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