A Rare Glimpse At A Never-Produced Donald Duck Short

In honor of everyone’s favorite short-tempered mallard turning the big 8-0, the folks over D23 shared these exclusive rarely seen story sketches from the never-produced The Delivery Boy cartoon.

1. This week marks a big milestone for Donald Duck: It’s the 80th anniversary of his debut in Silly Symphonies’ “The Wise Little Hen.”

Donald in “The Wise Little Hen.”


ID: 3122088

2. In honor of the celebration of this milestone, we take a look at some storyboard sketches for a never-produced late 1930s Donald Duck short.

ID: 3122150

3. Titled The Delivery Boy, the cartoon was originally intended to be a short about Donald delivering groceries…

Courtesy of D23/ Walt Disney
ID: 3122024

4. …but in 1943, instead of centering on Donald delivering groceries, the plot was revised to revolve around mechanical marionette dolls…

Courtesy of D23/ Walt Disney
ID: 3122021

5. …that were also bobby-soxers (?!). In the end, Walt Disney abandoned what seemed to be developing into a rather interesting short. No reason is known why the short was never made.

Courtesy of D23/ Walt Disney
ID: 3122025

6. Check out more story sketches from The Delivery Boy over at Disney’s official fan club, D23.

ID: 3122069

7. Bonus:

ID: 3122026

8. Watch Donald Duck’s debut in “The Wise Little Hen”:

ID: 3122028

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