7 Cheeky Vintage Photos Of Typewriter Erotica

Warning: These photos from the 1920s may make you want to eBay a typewriter. In other news, I have a new fetish!

Produced in France in the 1920s, these photos are early examples of women being sexualized in a office setting.

ID: 2131686

1. A very risqué knee shot.

ID: 2129896

2. The much more risqué thigh shot (very NSFW).

ID: 2129875

3. Doesn’t everybody type naked?

ID: 2129879

4. Everybody knows that straddling the desk is the only proper way to type…

ID: 2129907

5. …it’s good for your posture.

ID: 2129890

6. Is she more confused about the typewriter or why she’s naked?

ID: 2129887

7. Patiently showing a man how it’s done right!

ID: 2129953

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