5 Unrecognizable Photos of Dita Von Teese

In the late ’80s Dita was a total California girl!

This is how we are used to seeing Dita:

Larry Busacca / Getty Images
ID: 1414695

She’s always chicly dressed in classic retro style.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images
ID: 1414725

And always looks lovely in her trademark black pin-up hair.

Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images
ID: 1414703

1. But in the ’80s she was a blond….

ID: 1414619

2. …who liked to rock epic side swept hair…

ID: 1414610

3. …that she some times liked to put in mousse curls. I am sure it got crunchy.

ID: 1414629

4. For formal occasions, she liked to rock a major hair wave. Which she paired with a awesome back-up dancer inspired ensemble.

ID: 1414614

5. But, for really formal occasions she rocked a crimp and waved hair. Paired nicely with a lavender lamé.

ID: 1414625

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