24 Signs You Were Obsessed With “He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe”

“By the power of Grayskull… I have the power!”

1. You knew this theme song by heart:

ID: 1297416

2. You collected all the action figures…

ID: 1297616

3. …the awesome playsets…

ID: 1295915

4. ….vehicles…..

ID: 1297632

5. …and even the She-Ra action figures (they were NOT dolls). But, only because they were part of the He-Man canon.

ID: 1295604

6. You had the ultimate playset:

It also made you the envy of all your friends.

ID: 1295898

7. Your room was DECKED. OUT.

ID: 1295578

8. These were essential wall art:

ID: 1297650

9. This was the best sound you could hear:

ID: 1297373

10. Nothing blew your mind more than the shocking revelation that She-Ra and He-Man were brother and sister.

ID: 1297803

11. This was the only way your parents could get you to brush your teeth.

ID: 1297417

12. Sleepover at your BFF’s? Camping trip? Got to bring your sleeping bag…

ID: 1297364

13. …And your Hide n Sleep.

ID: 1297407

14. Highlights magazine? Nope. This was all the reading material you needed.

ID: 1295897

15. There was only one thing you wanted to be for Halloween:

ID: 1295886

16. On your way to school? He-Man had your school supplies covered …

ID: 1295933

17. …and your lunch.

ID: 1295936

18. You called the Official He-Man & She-Ra Hotline — just for the chance to win the free action figure — much to your parents’ phone bill’s dismay.

ID: 1295909

19. Of course you collected Panini stickers.

ID: 1297584

20. You dragged your entire family to see this:

ID: 1297797

21. You loved this movie — even though it made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

ID: 1299305

22. This movie really makes absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever, but you watched it over and over again.

ID: 1297358

23. You knew this show was just a ripoff.

ID: 1297419

24. Like Dustin Diamond, you might have a had Glamour Shot with your He-Man.

ID: 1297596

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