21 Strange And Offensive Things That Happened To Lois Lane

From 1958-1978, Superman’s main squeeze had her own comic, Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane, and in it some really WTF things went down.

1. When Lois made out with Superman’s corpse.

ID: 1708258

2. The horrific time that Superman blackmailed her…

ID: 1708223

3. …or the even more horrific time that he tried to murder her in outer space.

ID: 1708237

4. When she was labeled, “The Fattest Girl In Metropolis.”

ID: 1708300

5. The time she trapped Superman into marrying her by getting pregnant.

ID: 1708288

6. The time she found out about Superman’s secret family.

ID: 1708342

7. When she got into a literal catfight with Catwoman.

ID: 1708218

8. The time Lois was concerned that Superman was getting a little too close to his cousin.

ID: 1708320

9. When she got really old and Superman left her.

ID: 1708387

10. The time she tried to murder Superman for NOT marrying her. Damn, put a RING ON IT Superman!

ID: 1708394

11. The really dark one where Lois commits suicide…

ID: 1708421

12. …or the even darker one where Superman murders her.

ID: 1708419

13. When she was so desperate to marry Superman that she made a deal with the devil.

ID: 1708391

14. I guess part of the deal was to marry him?!

ID: 1708423

15. When she was forced to marry Titanman and Superman just laughed.

ID: 1708234

16. But he wasn’t laughing when Lois married Bruce Wayne.

ID: 1708402

17. The time she tried to kill Lana Lang…

ID: 1708398

18. …which she apparently succeeded at, cause she was on trial for her murder.

ID: 1708405

19. And she was found guilty.

ID: 1708413

20. The really confusing one where she decided to be a black woman.

ID: 1708283

21. When she was hooking up with the entire Justice League.

ID: 1708340

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