19 Deeply Horrifying Vintage Halloween Costumes

These costumes will haunt your dreams. So many disturbing masks!

1. YIKES! The masks alone are giving me heebie-jeebies.

ID: 1752418

2. Creepy take on a Mickey Mouse costume by the kid on the right.

ID: 1752664

3. You should have listened to your parents when they said, “Don’t make that face.”

ID: 1752345

4. What in Ewok hell is this?

ID: 1752435

5. The Devil or a used car salesman?

ID: 1752444

6. The kid on the stairs!

ID: 1752361

7. Trick-or-treating or getting ready to mug you?

ID: 1752428

8. Everything about this photo is terrifying!

ID: 1752278

9. A Donald Duck costume that has been mutated with a rabbit.

ID: 1752286

10. “Come and play with us, Danny.”

ID: 1752325

11. A weird Cowardly Lion, Regan from The Exorcist (?), and a grotesque Donald Duck, conjuring spirits.

ID: 1752301

12. These costumes are managing to be both creepy and RACIST.

ID: 1752347

14. This costume grew up to haunt kids in Snicker commercials.

ID: 1752369

15. NOPE.

ID: 1752427

16. Quadruple NOPE!

ID: 1752351

17. Unidentifiable costume, that is nonetheless creeping me the fuck out.

ID: 1752439

18. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!

ID: 1752472

19. Sweet dreams!

ID: 1752274

Check out some more vintage Halloween creepiness:

ID: 1756128

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