19 Celebrity Prom Photos That Are Actually Super Adorable

Celebs: They really are just like us.

1. Britney Spears rocked a blingy dress.

ID: 2925640

2. Ellen DeGeneres looked like she was straight out of an episode of The Brady Bunch.

ID: 2925578

3. Jennifer Aniston looked classic and chic, of course.

ID: 2925607

4. Kim Kardashian took Michael Jackson’s nephew and former 3T member, TJ Jackson, to her prom.

I wonder if he serenaded her with the 3T classic “Anything.”

ID: 2925805

5. By the looks of this photo, Lizzy Caplan was a real-life Janis Ian.

ID: 2925613

6. Brad Pitt is either at prom or a wedding?

ID: 2925623

7. Even with a partial mullet Jon Hamm looked dapper.

ABC Television
ID: 2927470

8. Rihanna coordinated her dress with the photo backdrop.

ID: 2926089

9. Looks like Usher coordinated his boutonnière to his date’s dress.

And she looks not too happy about it.

ID: 2925916

10. Did Jessica Alba go to a Heidi-themed prom?

ID: 2925677

11. This photo of surfer Kelly Slater looks like the most ’80s prom photo ever.

ID: 2925581

12. Bethenny Frankel in the most ’80s prom dress of all time.

ID: 2925586

13. This photo of Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass is the most ’90s prom photo ever.

ID: 2925921

14. Ashton Kutcher busting his smooth moves on the dance floor.

Girl on the right is all of us.

ID: 2927385

15. George Clooney looked less than enthused to be there.

LOL, his date is probably thinking they’ll be together FOREVER.

ID: 2925846

16. Bruno Mars sported this awesome short ‘fro.

ID: 2925740

17. Kobe Bryant took Brandy to his prom, making them the power high school couple of 1996.

ID: 2925749

18. Ryan Seacrest worked his hair wave.

ID: 2925599

19. And finally, who better but Will Ferrell to be prom queen?

Via mom.me

Don’t act like you wouldn’t vote for him.

ID: 2925773

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