18 Cartoons From The ‘90s You Probably Forgot Existed

How could we have forgotten some of these animated classics?!

1. Eek! The Cat

Savage Studios Ltd. / Via img.rp.vhd.me

Network: Fox
Original run: Sept. 11, 1992–Aug. 1, 1997

Plot: The series revolved around the misadventures of Eek, a good-natured but clumsy purple house cat, whose motto in life — “it never hurts to help” — ends up being the reason he gets in to trouble, especially when he’s trying to save his girlfriend Annabelle.

ID: 2295367

Eek! The Cat intro:

ID: 2295539

2. Taz-Mania

Warner Bros. Animation

Network: Fox
Original run: Sept. 7, 1991–May 22, 1995

Plot: This hilarious series revolved around classic Looney Tunes character Taz and his much more refined extended family.

This show might have had one the catchiest cartoon theme songs of the ’90s.

ID: 2295503

Taz-Mania intro:

ID: 2295505

3. C Bear and Jamal

Network: Fox
Original run: Feb. 3, 1996–Feb. 22, 1997

Plot: C Bear, a wisecracking and sarcastic teddy bear (voiced by Tone Lōc) who magically comes to life, helps steer his owner Jamal into making good, smart life decisions.

ID: 2295607

C Bear and Jamal intro:

ID: 2295609

4. Toxic Crusaders

Troma Entertainment

Network: Syndication
Original run: 1990–1991

Plot: Loosely based on the cult classic Toxic Avenger films, the series followed janitor Melvin Junko who, after falling into toxic waste, turns into the crime-fighting superhero Toxie.

Like many late ’80s and early ’90s cartoons, the show focused on environmentally conscious themes.

ID: 2296149

Toxic Crusaders intro:

ID: 2296154

5. Tom & Jerry Kids

Hanna-Barbera Productions and Turner Entertainment

Network: Fox
Original run: Sept. 8, 1990–Nov. 27, 1994

Plot: For some reason, classic cartoon characters Tom and Jerry got a very annoying kid makeover. It was like Muppet Babies, except NOT funny or entertaining.

ID: 2295391

Tom & Jerry Kids intro:

ID: 2295537

6. ProStars

DiC Entertainment

Network: NBC
Original run: Sept. 7–Dec. 7, 1991

Plot: Ultimate ’90s sports icons Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky travel the world fighting crime — just like in real life!

ID: 2295480

ProStars intro:

ID: 2295482

7. Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire

DiC Entertainment

Network: Fox
Original run: Sept. 9, 1992–1993

Plot: Based on comedian Bob Einstein’s character Super Dave Osborne, the series followed Dave, who, along with his assistant Fuji, must save the world from the villainous Slash Hazard.

ID: 2295615

Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire intro:

ID: 2295618

8. Life with Louie

The Anderson/Hassan Company

Network: Fox
Original run: Dec. 18, 1994–March 2, 1998

Plot: Loosely based on stand-up comedian Louie Anderson’s childhood.

The series followed an 8-year-old Louie, who must deal with school bullies, a crazy father, and his 10 siblings.

ID: 2295527

Life with Louie intro:

ID: 2295529

9. Dog City

Nelvana Limited/ Jim Henson Productions

Network: Fox
Original run: Sept. 26, 1992–Nov. 26, 1994

Plot: Ace Hart, who of course is a German shepherd, is a private eye that must protect Dog City from bulldog (naturally) and mob leader Bugsy Vile.

ID: 2295571

Dog City intro:

ID: 2295573

10. Timon & Pumbaa

Walt Disney Television

Network: Syndication
Original run: Sept. 8, 1995–Sept. 24, 1999

Plot: The breakout stars of The Lion King got their own prequel spin-off series, which took them out of the jungle and into zany adventures.

ID: 2296139

Timon & Pumbaa intro:

ID: 2296132

11. The Plucky Duck Show

Warner Bros. Animation

Network: Fox
Original run: Sept. 19–Dec. 12, 1992

Plot: At the height of Tiny Toons’ popularity, Plucky (who, sorry, was the best thing about the Tiny Toons) was given his own cartoon spin-off.

Unfortunately, most of the show’s cartoon segments were recycled from Tiny Toons. With few new segments it failed to catch on and was canceled after 13 episodes.

ID: 2295597

The Plucky Duck Show intro:

ID: 2295590

12. The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show

Walt Disney Television Animation / Via impawards.com

Network: Syndication
Original run: Jan. 2–March 27, 1995

Plot: Disney’s attempt to compete with edgier cartoons like Ren & Stimpy produced the short-lived but awesome The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show, a not-so-smart cat and dog duo that constantly got into trouble.

ID: 2296113

The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show intro:

ID: 2296119

13. Fox’s Peter Pan & the Pirates

Fox Children’s Productions

Network: Fox
Original run: Sept. 8, 1990–Sept. 10, 1991

Plot: Based on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan books (not the Disney film) — the series memorably featured Tim Curry as the voice of Captain Hook.

ID: 2296186

Fox’s Peter Pan & the Pirates intro:

ID: 2296188

14. James Bond Jr.

Murakami-Wolf-Swenson/ MGM Television

Network: Syndication
Original run: Sept. 30, 1991–March 2, 1992

Plot: Anyone looking for proof that the James Bond franchise was dead during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s should look no further than this cartoon. The series revolved around James’ nephew, who, for some unknown reason, is also a secret agent – but while still in high school.

ID: 2296194

James Bond Jr. intro:

ID: 2296216

15. Earthworm Jim

Universal Animation Studios

Network: The WB
Original run: Sept. 9, 1995–Dec. 13, 1996

Plot: Based on the video game with the same name, the series revolved around the adventures of Earthworm Jim and his companion, Peter Puppy, as they fly around protecting the galaxy.

ID: 2296218

Earthworm Jim intro:

ID: 2296213

16. Mighty Ducks

Walt Disney Television

Network: Syndication
Original run: Sept. 6, 1996–Jan. 17, 1997

Plot: I guess loosely (and that’s being generous) based on the live-action films of the same name, the series revolved around a team of anthropomorphic alien ducks that not only play hockey, but also protect their home planet from invaders.

The series came at the tail end of Disney’s duck cartoon fetish of the early ’90s.

ID: 2296221

Mighty Ducks intro:

ID: 2296222

17. Gravedale High

Hanna-Barbera / Via media.liveauctiongroup.net

Network: NBC
Original run: Sept. 8–Dec. 1, 1990

Plot: Max Schneider (voiced by Rick Moranis) is a teacher who takes a position at a high school populated by monsters (that luckily don’t kill him).

Interesting fact: Ricki Lake, Jackie Earle Haley, and Tim Curry all voiced characters on the show.

ID: 2296224

Gravedale High intro:

ID: 2296223

18. Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain

Warner Bros. Animation

Network: The WB
Original run: Sept. 19, 1998–April 10, 1999

Plot: A spin-off of a spin-off (Pinky and the Brain being a spin off from Animaniacs), the show revolved around Elmyra (spun-off to this series from Tiny Toon Adventures) adopting Pinky and the Brain from pet store, after their laboratory is destroyed.

Needless to say this weirdly conceived show didn’t last long, it was cancelled after 13 episodes.

Also, the shows theme song might be the longest cartoon theme song ever.

ID: 2296166

Pinky, Elmyra, & the Brain intro:

ID: 2296167

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