17 Signs You Are An Obsessed "Star Wars" Fan

“May the Force be with us.”

1. If you have had more than one argument about who shot first.

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2. You have had angry debates about the existence of Midi-chlorians, and how it destroys the Star Wars mythology.

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3. You have made your own costumes…

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4. …and built your own lightsaber.

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5. You own a laser disc player just so you can watch the pre-“Special Edition” versions of the Original Trilogy.

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6. You also own all five of the VHS releases (both widescreen and fullscreen), the “Special Edition” VHS release, the three DVD releases of the Original Trilogy, both DVD releases of the Prequel Trilogy, and the Blu-rays.

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7. You have hosted screenings of The Phantom Edit for your family and friends.

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8. You camped out for each of the prequels.

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9. After each new movie you prayed that the next one would be better.

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10. You’ve memorized the blueprints to the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star.

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11. You were the first person in line to get the new Star Wars Episode I merchandise when the Toys R Us opened at 12:01 a.m. on May 3, 1999.

ID: 1230438

12. This is what your 401(k) looks like:

ID: 1230425

13. It isn’t really Christmas until you’ve watched this…

ID: 1230282

…and listened to this:

ID: 1230294

14. You have a hard time deciding who is your favorite Expanded Universe character: Cade Skywalker, Jaina Solo, Darth Revan, Natasi Daala, or Mirta Gev.

ID: 1230532

15. Also, you consider anyone who doesn’t know the Expanded Universe not a real Star Wars fan.

ID: 1230404

16. You think Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars filibuster would be an awesome movie:

ID: 1230279

17. You constantly have to convince your family, friends, and significant others, that your love for Star Wars is not unnatural.

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