17 Horrifyingly Disgusting Retro Gelatin Recipes


1. Emerald Cantalope

Because why would someone who is dieting eat a plain cantaloupe, when they can eat it with lime Jello and canned pineapple (sugar) chunks?

ID: 2449452

2. Ham In Aspic

Because ham isn’t slimy enough! Also, is it supposed to be served on a bed of ham fat?

ID: 2449524

3. Cottage Cheese and Salmon Mold

Salmon and cottage cheese really is an underrated combination. Also, those boiled eggs are a perfect garnish to balance out all those mushy textures.

ID: 2448405

4. Cucumber Relish Salad

Cucumber, celery, and lime Jello; one of these things is not like the other.

ID: 2448423

5. Jellied Lamb Salad

How do you improve upon a yummy piece of lamb? Apparently by over cooking it, setting it in gelatin, and garnishing with capers. CAPERS!

ID: 2448424

6. Lime Cheese Salad

If a combination of lime Jello, mayo, and cheese wasn’t mouthwatering enough, then the addition of tuna fish should make it down right irresistible.

ID: 2449469

7. Sauerkraut Mold

Have you ever eaten a hot dog and said, “wow, sauerkraut should be more than just a condiment!” If so then this is the dish for you; also don’t forget to serve with horseradish mayonnaise for that extra tang.

ID: 2448695

8. Glace Fish Mold

D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S: Canned tuna fish served with pimento stuffed olives and tomato gelatin.

ID: 2448558

9. Prune-Stuffed Roast Pork

“Oh no, the roast is supposed to be weirdly oozing.”

ID: 2448762

10. Three layer salad

Lemon gelatin, pimiento stuffed olives, sweet pickles, walnuts — this is basically a dish made up left over pantry ingredients that you have no idea what to do with.

ID: 2448635

11. Bean and Mushroom Salad

Gelatin made an already gross combination even worse :(

ID: 2449541

12. Turkey In Aspic

Is there even turkey in this?!

ID: 2448660

13. Lemony Salmon Tower

Clearly you are eating salmon wrong if you are not eating it with lemon gelatin.

ID: 2449478

14. Pressed Brisket of Beef

I think this has to be mislabeled, cause there is no way that isn’t made of tripe.

ID: 2448731

15. Jellied Beef Mold

I’m convinced that someone must have been really high when they thought of this recipe.

ID: 2448728

16. Pressed Ox Tongue

I’m sure the gelatin really brings out the ox tongue’s rubber texture.

ID: 2448768

17. Californian Jello Ring


ID: 2448512

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