13 Moments On "Friends" That Made You Cry

The one with the list of all the times we cried.

1. Phoebe says good-bye to the triplets.

Episode: “The One Hundredth”
Season: 5

After a last-minute attempt to keep one of her brother’s surrogate babies, Phoebe has a tearful heart-to-heart with the triplets — where she heartbreakingly admits that labor wasn’t the hard part, but rather saying good-bye to them.

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2. Richard and Monica break up on the dance floor of Barry and Mindy’s wedding.

Episode: “The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding”
Season: 2

Monica makes a difficult decision and breaks up her perfect relationship with Richard over her desire to have children (with someone who wants to).

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3. The final scene.

Episode: “The Last One”
Season: 10

In the emotional final scene, the six friends tearfully turn in their keys to Monica and Chandler’s apartment as they prepare to go their separate ways.

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4. When Rachel says good-bye to everyone.

Episode: “The One with Rachel’s Going Away Party”
Season: 10

Rachel gives everyone an emotional good-bye — one that also felt like it was for us viewers. While the focus may have been on her difficult good-bye to Ross, it was the genuinely sweet moment she has with Chandler that really gets us.

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5. The Monica and Chandler proposal.

Episode: “The One with the Proposal”
Season: 6

An emotionally overwhelmed Monica gets down on her knees and proposes to Chandler, in one of the most romantic scenes of the entire series.

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6. Rachel gets off the plane.

Episode: “The Last One”
Season: 10

After 10 seasons, the Ross and Rachel saga finally got its happy ending with five words: “I got off the plane.”

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ID: 1590882

7. Rachel has a baby.

Episode: “The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part Two”
Season: 8

Ross and Rachel share a tender moment after the birth of their daughter Emma.

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8. Phoebe’s wedding.

Episode: “The One with Phoebe’s Wedding”
Season: 10

Phoebe’s touching vows on how she has everything that was missing from her life now standing in front of her… Wow.

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ID: 1591071

9. Chandler and Monica find out they can’t have children.

Episode: “The One with the Fertility Test”
Season: 9

The sad moment when Chandler has to tell Monica they can’t have children.

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10. The moment before Joey proposes to Rachel.

Episode: “The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part Two”
Season: 8

While Joey proposing to Rachel is the worst story line of the entire series, the moments leading up to it — where he promises to always be there for Rachel and that she will never be alone — are him at his best.

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ID: 1591185

11. Chandler’s moving speech to convince Erica to give him and Monica and her baby.

Episode: “The One With The Fertility Test”
Season: 9

Chandler convinces birth mother Erica to give them a second chance at adopting her baby by telling her that Monica is “a mother…without a baby.”

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ID: 1591055

12. Ross and Rachel break up.

Episode: “The One with the Morning After”
Season: 3

Just try not to cry during Ross and Rachel’s heartbreaking breakup.

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ID: 1590815

13. “He’s her lobster!”

Episode: “The One with the Prom Video”
Season: 2

Let’s be honest: The passionate kiss between Ross and Rachel is the ultimate scene.

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