10 Wonderful Archived Artworks From Disney Afternoon

This awesome artwork was recently uncovered by Disney’s D23 archives.


D23 uncovered some highly detailed background art in the archives that shows off the city of Duckburg from DuckTales.

Images courtesy of D23.com

Darkwing Duck premiered on The Disney Afternoon in September 1991.


Darkwing Duck’s Megavolt, was voiced by Dan Castellaneta, who is best known as the voice of Homer Simpson.


These character cels from the Gummi Bears show the furry line-up of the loveable Disney Afternoon stars. The Gummi Bears television series originally premiered on NBC in 1985. The show then joined the original lineup of The Disney Afternoon in 1990.


Original character cel of Cavin with Cubbi Gumm.


The Wuzzles television series premiered in September 1985, and with only 13 episodes it was one of the shortest running animated series ever produced by Disney. The series was a precursor to The Disney Afternoon.


Character cel for Eleroo, one of the Wuzzles.


D23 also uncovered background art of Harbor City’s Cape Suzette from Tale Spin.


The villainous air pirate Don Karnage from Tale Spin.


This concept art is from a never-produced Disney Afternoon show called Justice Ducks, a “duck” spin-off using the characters Darkwing Duck and Gizmo Duck from the series’ Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales.

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