10 Regrettable Retro Food Recipes

These are the type of recipes that Julia Child’s nightmares were made of.

1. Ham and bananas hollandaise.

I know what your thinking, this is totally going to become your new brunch staple.

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2. Barbecue cottage cheese salad

This is an unholy alliance of flavors and textures.

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3. Vegetable Hi-Hat

I can definitely get behind having meatloaf with green beans and mashed potatoes (I think that’s mashed potatoes). But, adding evaporated milk, peaches and marchino cherries to a meatloaf?

ID: 1178328

4. Tuna Macaroni Cheese Loaf

This was only made grosser by garnishing it with lima beans.

ID: 1178377

5. 7-Up and Milk

Nothing says “wholesome” like adding half a soda to a glass of milk.

ID: 1178460

6. Pie Plate Salad

If a canned vegetable gelatine salad wasn’t bad enough, the recipe recommends you garnish it with tartar sauce.

ID: 1178465

7. Frosted lime-walnut salad

Ugh, more gelatin! Also, to make it more unappetizing, the recipe calls for cottage cheese, cream cheese and mayonnaise.

ID: 1178531

8. Almonds-In-A-Haystack

This is a heart attack inducing combination: Take 6 cups of ham and coat it with an inch of Miracle Whip.

ID: 1178675

9. Corn Bologna Boots

A delicious combination of bologna, barbecue sauce, olives and creamed corn, served elegantly over a dinner roll.

ID: 1178583

10. ?

Best guess: a chilled salmon loaf, slathered with an outer layer of guacamole?

ID: 1178082

Correction: This post has been updated with sources for all the recipes.

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