11 Remarkable Photos Of The Tattoo-Faced Women Of Burma’s Chin State

A thousand year old tradition sees the women of Chin tribes tattoo their faces with intricate markings.

1. Chin State is one of the poorest and most isolated regions in Burma.

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2. Nearly 75% of its 500,000 population live a life of poverty and are mostly cut off from the more successful Burmese regimes in Rangoon or Naypyidaw.

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3. There are reports of up to 12 Chin tribes that practice the art of facial tattooing, even after the Burmese government officially forbade it in 1960.

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4. Local understanding is that Chin State tribes began tattooing the faces of women as a way of disfiguring their beauty.

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The intended purpose being to stop rival tribes and other figures from kidnapping them.

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5. Although there is also an old legend of a Burmese king who kidnapped a beautiful Chin girl and made her his wife.

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The girl escaped, and in an effort to not be caught again she disguised herself making incisions on her face with a knife.

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6. Many women report the process occurring as young as 12 years old and lasting almost three days.

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7. The tattooing ranges from solid lines.

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8. To dots and small circles.

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9. And a combination of both.

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10. It is a tradition that has continued through centuries and wars.

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11. And one that will probably continue into the foreseeable future.

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