11 Ferrets That Can’t Wait To Hang Out With You This Weekend

Ferret Friday is upon us.

1. “Hey.”

ID: 3030196

2. “I know you’ve had a tough week.”

ID: 3030199

3. “Just wanna say I appreciate all the hard work you do.”

ID: 3030201

4. “You inspire me to be better.”

ID: 3030203

5. “So just relax.”

ID: 3030210

6. “Everything that’s going on right now is happening for a reason :)”

ID: 3030214

7. “I really like your hair!”

ID: 3030217

8. “I’m so jealous of how good you look without even trying!”

ID: 3030218

9. “So…ah…look.”

ID: 3030222

10. “Wanna hang out later?!”

ID: 3030224

11. “Can’t wait to see you!”

ID: 3030225

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