12 People Who Just Discovered They Don’t Have Magical Powers

Real talk: It’s hard out there for an amateur wizard. Bite into a world of wizards, witches, and epic imagination with the Big Mac Football Fantasy.

1. This girl who thought she could walk through walls.

ID: 1655479

2. This fellow who forgot he isn’t wearing his Invisibility Cloak.

ID: 1654140

3. This guy whose levitation spell kinda fell flat.

ID: 1656539

4. This would-be witch who can’t actually speak to animals.

ID: 1656728

5. This cat who could use a better Protection Against Bananas charm.

ID: 1669212

6. This guy who just realized that rakes aren’t great substitutes for broomsticks.

ID: 1679736

7. This guy who just Expelliarmus’d himself.

ID: 1669227

8. This kitty who could use a balancing spell right about now.

ID: 1679624

9. This shopper who wishes she enrolled in Defense Against Automatic Doors.

ID: 1669165

10. This police officer who never really mastered any unlocking spells.

ID: 1679737

11. This overenthusiastic trout who tried to turn itself into a bird. Or vice versa.

ID: 1679892

12. And this gentleman who can’t, in fact, walk on water.

ID: 1680405

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