14 Things You Probably Don’t Want Captured On Camera

We all let our guard down from time to time which can lead to embarrassing situations. In today’s world with cameras seemingly everywhere, these moments have the potential to last forever. Slice’s Big Brother Canada houseguests could learn a few things from these moments you don’t want caught on camera. Power of Veto Tonight at 9et/pt, only on Slice

1. Your struggles with grocery stores

ID: 912589

2. Your attempt at making avant garde artwork with a photocopy machine

ID: 910035

3. When the in-store music compels you to do The Robot

And you happen to be a uniformed police officer.

ID: 910676

4. Picking your nose at a baseball game

Especially if you plan to run for political office.

ID: 910602

5. When your brain freezes on national television

Self potato?

ID: 910682

6. Your struggles with exits

ID: 912704

7. The aftermath of office Christmas parties

ID: 913762

8. Your ninja skills

ID: 913904

9. A momentary panic attack

ID: 915514

10. When you fall down in the snow

ID: 914825

11. Your amateur gymnastic skills

ID: 914932

12. When you can’t find a private place to make out

ID: 915384

13. When you take shortcuts at your job

ID: 914982

14. Or completely lose your mind

ID: 915142

For more embarrassing and explosive moments check out the first exclusively Canadian version of Big Brother premiering February 27th, only on Slice

ID: 910551

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