Breaking Down The Greatest Derp Photo On The Internet

A rich mosaic of people being scared by a foul ball.

One of the greatest photos on the internet is this foul ball hitting the stands during a Red Sox vs. Mariners game last fall.

Reddit user Narhen originally submitted it.

ID: 1233230

Here is a breakdown of why it is so great.

ID: 1233443

1. Middle-aged, scared bros.

ID: 1233413

2. The steely, bearded mountain man who has seen much worse.

ID: 1233414

3. “Everything that is important to me is in my right hand” girl.

ID: 1233419

4. Open-mouth girl and nonchalance bro.

ID: 1233421

5. This girl’s athletic deflection.

ID: 1233422

6. The mom who is at peace with death.

ID: 1233482

7. Angry derp man.

ID: 1233511

8. Thor.

ID: 1233416

9. The two sorority girls who have parted so the ball can presumably hit Thor directly in the stomach.

ID: 1233481

10. The Seattle superfan who watches over the event in horror.

ID: 1233412

11. And Duckface reaction guy.

ID: 1233423

Duckface wins!

Created by Reddit user Fictivelife.

ID: 1233408

Never forget.

Dorsey Shaw
ID: 1233726

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