17 Gymnasts Who Totally Nailed It!

You think this is easy?!

1. Wall? Nailed it.

2. Mountain routine? Nailed it.

3. Backflip floor routine? Nailed it.

4. The Vault? Nailed it.

5. Under the Vault slide? Nailed it.

6. Belly flip? Nailed it.

7. Floor? Nailed it.

8. Two handed high-five? Nailed it.

9. Urban gymnastics? Nailed it.

10. Spring-board to face? Nailed it.

11. Face double-flip? Nailed it.

12. Vertical leap? Nailed it.

13. This? Nailed it.

14. Balancing on a ball on a beam? Nailed it.

15. Face slide? Nailed it.

16. Cross-gym Body throw? Nailed it.

17. Leaving the gym? Nailed it.

So screw you Haterz!

Gymnasts don’t give a $#@ because:

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