12 Gentlemen’s Fashions From The Great Gatsby That Are Back

Follow these style cues to look like a million bucks.

12. The bow tie/handkerchief combo.

ID: 1160427

Cannot — or should not, for that matter — be tamed.

ID: 1161146

11. The dapper Dan haircut.

ID: 1160429

Yes, please.

ID: 1160498

Rocking it all the way from GG to GQ

ID: 1161139

10. The casual three-piece.

I mean, it really never goes out of style.

ID: 1160434

9. Colorful suspenders.

ID: 1160436

Why hello there Chuck Bass.

(Technically these suspenders aren’t striped, but it’s Chuck Bass. Come on now.)

ID: 1161147

8. Round-framed glasses.

ID: 1160435

Welcome back, we missed you!

ID: 1161140

7. Leather riding boots.

ID: 1160437

6. The sweater cardigan.

ID: 1160438

Effortlessly contemporary; cosy too.

ID: 1161137

5. The trimmed mustache.

ID: 1160440

4. The collar pin.

ID: 1160579

Ralph Lauren endorsed.

ID: 1161142

3. The pocket watch.

ID: 1160581

2. The broad-rimmed fedora.

ID: 1160582

1. And, of course, skinny jeans and boots.

With a look that’s both so retro but also decidedly modern, you can’t lose.

ID: 1160583

So back.

ID: 1161728

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