12 Ways The World Would Change If Your Dog Ruled The World

What if dogs were in charge? Things would be a whole lot different, and the world would be one big dog park. Does your town deserve a dog park makeover? Enter the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest and your idea could help inspire a $500K Dream Dog Park renovation in your area!

1. “Fetch” would be a national sport.

ID: 1529382

2. There would be no war. Just some friendly sniffing and play-wrestling in dog parks.

ID: 1529427

3. Humans would be referred to as “Dog’s Best Friend.”

ID: 1529786

4. At 3 p.m. every day, there would be a 10-minute long, nationally recognized belly-rub break.

ID: 1529368

5. Tennis balls would be currency.

ID: 1559625

6. In addition to standard dog parks, a whole bunch of new dog water parks would open.

ID: 1559700

7. They’d funnel funding into answering the question - “What is that noise??”

ID: 1559717

Seriously though, WHAT IS THAT NOISE??

ID: 1559826

8. All dogs would be created equal. Size doesn’t matter. You know what matters? Frisbees.

ID: 1559792

9. There would be privacy! Dog privacy!

ID: 1559800

10. Phones would become obsolete. What even are these things? What’s the point?

ID: 1559814

11. All the awesome stuff from kid playgrounds would be put in dog parks, because why should they have all the fun?

ID: 1559851

12. In fact, you know what? The world would be a dog park. The whole world.

ID: 1559648

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