Mapei’s New Video Is A Heart-Warming Snapshot Of New York City Life

The singer out to reinvent modern soul is back with her new single, “Change.”

1. American-born, Swedish-raised singer/rapper Mapei first charmed us with her hypnotic, soulful song “Don’t Wait” late last year.

Courtesy of Mapei/Downtown Records
ID: 3294990

2. Now she’s back with a video for her new single, an uplifting, heart-bursting song called “Change.”

ID: 3294475

3. The video was shot in all five boroughs of New York City over Memorial Day weekend…

Downtown Records
ID: 3294837

4. … and features real people from all walks of life.

Downtown Records
ID: 3294844

5. The song is about how no matter who we are or where we are…

Downtown Records
ID: 3294842

6. … love is what unites us all.

Downtown Records
ID: 3294840

7. Young or old…

ID: 3294841

8. … we all seek love and to be our best selves.

Downtown Records
ID: 3294838

9. New York, y’all.

Downtown Records


ID: 3294836

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