24 Songs That Will Make You Love Go-Go

It’s been one year since we lost the legendary “Godfather of Go-Go,” Chuck Brown, but his legacy lives on.

This is the late, great Chuck Brown, fondly known as the “Godfather of Go-Go,” Washington, D.C.’s born-and-bred sound of the city.

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Brown died one year ago today at the age of 75, from complications due to pneumonia. To say that Brown crafted the sound that became D.C.’s heartbeat is hardly an understatement.

Go-go is an offshoot of funk, mixed with elements of hip hop, R&B, and blues, and is defined by its communal energy during live shows with call-and-response from the crowd. It’s syncopated beat makes dancing unavoidable, and it’s hard to walk around D.C. without hearing it blasting from someone’s car.

Though certain songs (like E.U.’s “Da Butt,” which was featured in Spike Lee’s School Daze, and some of Brown’s hits) have made it to the mainstream charts, go-go has been a genre that’s mostly been contained to the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

It’s time others felt the joy of the funkiest genre around!

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If you’re looking to dip your toes into the go-go scene (or even if you’re already a fan), Chuck’s the place to start:

ID: 1183481

1. Chuck Brown, Go-Go Swing Medley

ID: 1182346

2. Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers, “Bustin’ Loose”

ID: 1182352

3. Chuck Brown, “Wind Me Up”

ID: 1182359

4. Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers, “Day-O”

ID: 1182387

After you’ve gotten the foundation, you should check out these other classic go-go jams:

ID: 1183509

5. Experience Unlimited (E.U.), “Da Butt”

ID: 1183546

6. Rare Essence, “Pieces of Me”

ID: 1182383

7. UCB, “Sexy Lady”

ID: 1182821

8. Backyard Band, “Pretty Girls”

ID: 1182399

9. Junk Yard Band, “Loose Booty”

ID: 1182413

10. DJ Flexx, “The Water Dance”

“THIS is such a banger. I remember working in a bar and the Friday night DJ always dropped it at like 2 am. The floor would start to bounce, bamas would be gettin down so hard.” — John Stanton, BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief.

ID: 1182370

11. E.U., “Freeze”

ID: 1182720

TCB, “Bait”

ID: 1182373

You might have heard part of it in Wale’s version of “Bait,” featuring TCB.

ID: 1182377

12. Junk Yard Band, “Uh Oh”

ID: 1182689

13. E.U., “Still Smoking” and “Drop the Bomb”

ID: 1182740

14. Little Benny, “Cat In the Hat”

ID: 1182784

15. TCB, “Pacman Poppin”

ID: 1182774

16. Be’la Dona, Medley: “Wish,” “Freaky Deak,” “Pump It,” “Lock It”

The First Ladies of Go-Go.

ID: 1182991

17. Be’la Dona with Donnell Floyd

Here they are again, with Donnell Floyd of Rare Essence.

ID: 1182960

18. Pleasure, “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”

ID: 1182794

19. Northeast Groovers Band, “Pocket”

ID: 1182802

20. Wale, featuring UCB, Bun B, and Pusha-T, “Back to the Go-Go”

While you’re at it, check out Wale’s excellent “Ice Cream Girls,” featuring TCB.

ID: 1182835

You might not realize it, but chances are that you’ve already heard some go-go before. Lots of artists outside of go-go have incorporated elements of the genre into their songs:

ID: 1183632

21. The Roots, featuring Wale and Chrisette Michele, “Rising Up”

ID: 1182363

22. Salt ‘N Pepa, “My Mic Sounds Nice”

ID: 1182844

23. Run-D.M.C., “Is It Live”

ID: 1182814

24. Heavy D & The Boyz, “Mr Big. Stuff (Remix)”

ID: 1182873

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