10 Badass Facts You Never Knew About Astronauts

Astronauts are the real deal. Axe is sending one fan to space, and it could be you. Leave a man. Come back a hero.

1. Astronauts use the G force

Centrifuges used during training can create 20 G atmospheres for astronauts. Keep the garbage can near by.

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2. Space suits ain’t nothin’ to mess with

The average space suit today costs $12 million. That’s enough money buy every person living in Orlando, FL a pair of moon shoes.

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3. Astronauts are sexy.

It’s a fact. Every dream guy ever is always an astronaut.

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4. Astronauts love animals

Steve Bronstein / Getty Images

Russia became the first country to send an animal into space when Laika the dog was launched into orbit in 1957.

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5. Jet fighters

Astronauts must first record 1,000 hours or more of flight in a jet plane.

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6. I wish I was a little bit taller

inhauscreative / Getty Images / Via techyyouth.com

Astronauts can grow up to 2 inches while in space because of the lack of pressure put on the spine.

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7. Long time coming

Astronauts are trained for a year before heading to space.

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8. Float on

John Lamb / Getty Images / Via ru.wikipedia.org

Astronauts prepare for space missions by experiencing free fall in a cleared out military refueling craft nicknamed the Vomit Comet.

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9. There’s no crying in space

Tears can’t flow properly in space because of the lack of gravity.

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10. Good morning, goodnight

Astronauts experience a sunrise and sunset every 45 minutes in space, how’s that for jet lag?

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