This Puppy Is Ready For Halloween And It’s Adorable

Milo for president.

1. Milo loves to model costumes for his viewers.

ID: 1895587

2. Here he is dressed up as the cutest lobster you’ve ever seen.

ID: 1895744

3. Check out that perfect bark.

ID: 1895750

4. Milo also appears to be a confused pumpkin.

ID: 1895875

5. And a very dapper dinosaur.

ID: 1895881

6. Here’s Milo in his fabulous spider attire.

ID: 1895885

7. Saving the world with his cuteness.

ID: 1895890

8. He also makes sure to do a 180 so his fans can see his full costume.

ID: 1895892

9. And of course, he’s always ready for his close-up.

ID: 1895895

10. Happy Halloween from Milo!

ID: 1895901

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