25 Signs You’re Addicted To Diet Coke

Welcome to Diet-Coke-Aholics Anonymous.

1. This is a regular occurrence in your car.

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2. And at your desk.

ID: 1120959

3. You buy your DC in bulk, because why not?

And probably save some money.

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4. This is basically your worst nightmare.

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Seriously, how could anyone favor Diet Pepsi?

ID: 1124201

5. It’s never too early to drink a Diet Coke.

ID: 1121527

6. Or too late.

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7. It’s something you crave ALL THE TIME.

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8. Every fan knows the best way to enjoy a DC is to pour it in a glass of ice.

Fountain > Bottle > Can

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9. Your perfect day looks very similar to this.


ID: 1121094

10. If someone tries to steal your Diet Coke from the fridge, you will riot.

ID: 1116884

11. Your trash can may or may not look like this.

OK, this is a little too much Diet Coke. Sending help.

ID: 1121101

12. You can drink this soda with pretty much anything.

ID: 1121216

13. An ice-cold Diet Coke is almost more refreshing than water.

ID: 1124179

14. If you’re a true fan, you can’t stand the other random flavors the company produces.

ID: 1121922

15. You know that drinking with a straw from a can ruins the taste.

Don’t do it!

ID: 1121221

16. Diet Coke often serves as a mixer when you order a drink at the bar.

ID: 1121230

17. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t order Diet Coke because you think it will make you skinny.

ID: 1121261

18. You order it because…

Coke is too sweet.

ID: 1121279

19. When your friends are going to pick up food or snacks, they know exactly what to get you.

ID: 1121402

20. You’ve been told numerous times how bad Diet Coke is and how much aspartame is in it.

ID: 1121903

21. And you’ve probably tried to quit because of it.

And it is damn hard.

ID: 1121442

22. When you do, you count the days with pride.

Arielle Calderon
ID: 1121509

23. And tell all your friends about it.

ID: 1121912

24. But then you relapse and binge on your favorite carbonated drink.

And if you don’t, more power to you!

ID: 1121932

25. Which means it’s time to face reality and admit you are…

ID: 1121935

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