28 Places Where You’d Rather Be Working Right Now

These are real office spaces. It’s not even fair.

1. In this quiet green pod at Google in Zurich.

ID: 1548745

2. Or inside this indoor ski lift at the office.

ID: 1548746

3. Surrounded by nature at Selgas Cano Architecture in Spain.

ID: 1548821

4. In this nest at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland.

ID: 1548777

5. Sitting in this cave-like structure at Bahnhof in Sweden.

ID: 1549426

6. On the third floor of Pallotta Teamworks in Los Angeles.

ID: 1549567

7. In this tree house at Inventionland in Pittsburgh.

ID: 1549437

8. Or maybe aboard this pirate ship on the other side of that office.

ID: 1549941

9. Sitting on the grass at TBWA Hakuhodo in Japan.

ID: 1549443

10. At the neighborhood located inside Pixar in Emeryville, California.

ID: 1549509

11. In these colorful pods at BBC North in the U.K.

ID: 1549560

12. In this black box at DreamHost in Los Angeles.

ID: 1549594

13. Laying on this large hammock at Google in Pittsburgh.

ID: 1549648

14. On this comfy chair outside at Co-Merge in San Diego.

ID: 1550152

15. By the window view at Google in Tel Aviv.

ID: 1549746

16. Facing this waterside view at Red Bull in Austria.

ID: 1550069

17. Sitting on this red booth at LEGO in Denmark.

ID: 1550214

18. Overlooking the skyline at GPT Group in Australia.

ID: 1556787

19. In this cool booth at Saatchi & Saatchi in Thailand.

ID: 1556392

20. Under this indoor tree at Google in Russia.

ID: 1550100

21. Sitting on these cushions at DTAC in Bangkok.

ID: 1556464

22. Surrounded by a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-themed office at Three Rings in San Francisco.

ID: 1556494

23. In one of these floating conference rooms at Macquarie Group in Australia.

ID: 1556614

24. And on this colorful round couch at the office.

ID: 1556745

25. In these green holes at KBP West in San Francisco.

ID: 1556904

26. On that beige bean bag at Sid Lee in Montreal.

ID: 1556862

27. Sitting in pretty much any of these rooms at Ogilvy & Mather in China.

ID: 1556958

28. And laying in this serenely peaceful room at Google in Zurich.

ID: 1550248

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