Jiff The Pomeranian Is Definitely The Most Talented Dog There Ever Was

Whoever is training this dog needs to do a worldwide class.

1. This is Jiff, an adorable pomeranian who also happens to be super talented.

ID: 1399997

2. He can run on his hind legs.

Look at the speed.

ID: 1399867

3. And he can run on three legs.

Werk it.

ID: 1399872

4. Crawling? Yeah, he’s got that covered.

It’s like a crouching tiger.

ID: 1399873

5. Jiff can also walk backwards because duh, he’s brilliant.

The dog moon walk.

ID: 1399877

6. Did we mention he can do WALKING HANDSTANDS?

He’s already accomplished more than I ever will in my being.

ID: 1399885

7. Oh, and he skateboards.

ID: 1399889

8. Because he’s the most talented pup to grace this earth.

ID: 1399891

9. Watch the video here!

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ID: 1399892

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