19 Dogs That Really Need A Hug Right Now

Sad face.

1. This dog who just got rejected by the girl next door.

ID: 1187330

2. This Corgi who didn’t mean to decapitate his monkey toy.

ID: 1187248

3. This dog who just watched the end of The Notebook.

ID: 1187285

4. This Pug who can’t beat level 65 in Candy Crush.

ID: 1187258

5. This dog who listened to an entire Adele album.

ID: 1696554

6. This Lab who would rather play fetch than take a shower.

ID: 1187332

7. This dog who can’t believe Breaking Bad is coming to an end.

ID: 1187575

8. This Pug who just now saw Miley Cyrus’ MTV performance.

ID: 1696550

9. This pup who thought it was a good idea to sit on the couch and now regrets everything.

ID: 1697186

10. This dog who just realized where her owner’s loyalty lies.

ID: 1697299

11. This Chihuahua who just heard “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan on the radio.

ID: 1697561

12. This dog who’s extremely disappointed in the Dexter series finale.

ID: 1187583

13. This dog who’s really afraid of thunder.

ID: 1698216

14. This dog who doesn’t want his mom to go on vacation.

ID: 1697991

15. This Pug who regrets eating so much pizza.

ID: 1187326

16. This lovestruck pup who let “the one” get away.

ID: 1698301

17. This poor guy who really didn’t appreciate his human’s sense of humor.

ID: 1698486

18. This dog who just lost her favorite toy to the porcelain throne.

ID: 1698503

19. And this dog who helped himself to some cat treats.

ID: 1698162

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