Definitive Proof Sandy Cohen Was The Best TV Dad Of The 2000s

Those eyebrows held this O.C. family together.

1. First and foremost, Sandy taught us the importance of breakfast, especially bagels.

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2. He gave Ryan Atwood a home when his family abandoned him.

He didn’t want to steal the car. IT’S ALL TREY’S FAULT.

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3. He spoke the lingo, and he was the coolest dad because of it.

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4. Because of Sandy, Ryan and Seth formed the bromance we all knew and loved.

Don’t salt his game, Kiki.

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5. Sandy delivered only the wisest of quotes.

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6. And he gave some pretty great advice.

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7. In addition to being the best dad, he was also the cutest husband.

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8. Remember that time he threw Kiki a surprise party and dedicated a song to her? Adorbs.

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9. Sandy knew how bad Kirsten was at cooking, and he did the household a favor by taking over kitchen duties.

But really all they did was order Chinese food.

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10. Their relationship made you believe in love.


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11. And he was always so honest.

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13. And right about everything.

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14. Let’s face it, Sandy revealed the dirty truth.

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15. No matter how much it embarrassed his son.

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16. And the viewers LOVED it.

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17. Because duh, it was amazing.

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18. He also always stood up to Caleb, which basically made him the hero of the O.C.

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19. AND Julie Cooper. Talk about a bonus.

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20. He even made the Newpsies feel uncomfortable in the best way possible.

Sarcasm at its best.

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21. Sandy and Seth had the kind of father-son relationship you’ve always wanted.

Keeping the humor alive in every situation.

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22. You could always depend on Mr. Cohen for a laugh.

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23. When everyone else was going through a tough time, he did what he could to help mend their issues.

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24. Like that time he helped Jimmy Cooper avoid jail time.

Even though he deserved it.

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25. The time he gave Trey a place to stay, despite his rocky past.

Classic Sandy move.

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26. And when he set up an intervention for Kirsten so she could overcome her alcohol addiction.


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27. He even convinced Volcheck to turn himself in after killing Marissa.

10 points for Sandy Cohen.

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28. He was the dad that always believed in the kids.

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29. And he loved his family unconditionally.

Even Ryan!

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30. Last but not least, the reason Sandy Cohen was the best…

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We love you, Sandy!

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