16 Crafts You Loved Making As A Kid

Don’t you wish you were eight again?

1. Lanyard Box Stitch

Good for keychains or bracelets. Tutorial here.

ID: 1049584

2. Lanyard Twist Stitch

Arielle Calderon

This was for the more talented pros. Tutorial here.

ID: 1049589

3. Hama Beads

The only downfall of this was when you ironed the beads and they didn’t melt enough. Tutorial here.

ID: 1049590

4. Friendship Bracelets

Chinese Staircase was the best! Tutorial here.

ID: 1169312

5. God’s Eye

Mine were never this pretty. Tutorial here.

ID: 1049607

6. Ceramic Paintings

Going to the shop and picking out your ceramic was the best part!

ID: 1049620

7. Sand Bottle Art

So colorful. Tutorial here.

ID: 1089151

8. Pinwheel Pencils

You probably spent more time blowing the pinwheel than using the pencil. Tutorial here.

ID: 1089153

9. Tie Dye Shirts

So retro. Tutorial here.

ID: 1170306

10. Foam Visors

The only time visors were cool.

ID: 1089158

11. Beaded Geckos

!!! Tutorial here.

ID: 1169292

12. Popsicle Stick Box

My first jewelry box. Tutorial here.

ID: 1169354

13. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Nom nom. Tutorial here.

ID: 1169369

14. Stained Glass Kits

So magical. Video here.

ID: 1169361

15. Latch Hook

It was a miracle if you actually finished one. Tutorial here.

ID: 1169364

16. Caterpillar Magnets

You had the cutest fridge in town. Tutorial here.

ID: 1169408

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