14 Ways You Are This Dog In Real Life

This is Rosie Pig, a famous dog on Vine. And you are probably the same person.

1. You spend your weekends on the couch, surrounded by junk food.

ID: 1485221

2. Or lay out in the shade and listen to music.

ID: 1485218

3. You’re easily entertained by parody internet videos.

ID: 1485225

4. And you love to watch reality TV shows.

ID: 1485215

5. At some point during the week, you go out for drinks after work.

ID: 1485334

6. And hiccup when you’ve had a little too much.

ID: 1485332

7. You’ve definitely tried a diet and caved.

ID: 1485351

8. And after working out, you’ve binged on chips.

ID: 1485356

9. And sweets.

ID: 1485333

10. The only thing you like about important work meetings is free food.

ID: 1485346

11. And messing around with the copy machine.

ID: 1485344

12. You are SO OVER this summer heat.

ID: 1485340

13. And opt to do things indoors.

ID: 1485350

14. Like watching The Notebook and getting emotional.

ID: 1485339

Lesson of the day: We are all this dog.

ID: 1485942

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