23 Ways To Unleash The Power Of Asparagus

Steamed, schmeamed. Asparagus can be so much more than a side.

1. Asparagus, Fontina, and Speck Ham Panini

You can add basically anything to a grilled cheese and it will be amazing. Recipe here.

ID: 1105097

2. Fresh Asparagus Pizza

Made on Naan bread. Recipe here.

ID: 1105123

3. Surf-n-Turf Burger With Asparagus

So much going on with this burger. Recipe here.

ID: 1105218

4. Asparagus Ice Cream

WHY NOT? You’ll need an ice cream maker for this recipe.

ID: 1105345

5. Asparagus And Brie Pierogies

Little pockets of joy! Recipe here.

ID: 1105136

6. Roasted Asparagus, Bacon And Cheese Tart

This is easier to make than it looks. Recipe here.

ID: 1105153

7. Raw Asparagus Pesto

This would be nice on pasta. Recipe here.

ID: 1105173

8. Asparagus Bread With Sesame Seeds

Put a little spring in your loaf. Recipe here.

ID: 1105165

9. Baked Asparagus Fries

Worthy of any burger. Recipe here.

ID: 1105144

10. Shaved Asparagus Ribbon Nests

Try shaved asparagus instead of a bacon cup. Recipe here.

ID: 1105187

11. Spring Sandwich With Seared Asparagus, Boiled Egg And Pickled Onion

Spring incarnate. Recipe here.

ID: 1105194

12. Chickpea Cakes With Shaved Asparagus And Yogurt

Find the recipe on Naturally Ella.

ID: 1105284

13. Asparagus Flan

Topped with an adorable quail egg (but chicken would do just fine). Recipe here.

ID: 1105367

14. Cauliflower Asparagus Semolina Cakes

Recipe from Haniela’s.

ID: 1105495

15. Pastry-Wrapped Asparagus With Balsamic Dipping Sauce

Wrap the asparagus in prosciutto before the pastry if you want to live large. Recipe here.

ID: 1105606

16. Pea And Asparagus Gazpacho

Find the recipe on Delicooks.

ID: 1109190

17. Asparagus Quesadilla

CHEESY. Recipe here.

ID: 1109216

18. Asparagus Soufflé

Recipe here.

ID: 1111163

19. Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts And Pesto Bites

Cute spring appetizer. Recipe here.

ID: 1109038

20. Asparagus Risotto Verde

Have you ever seen something SO green? Recipe here.

ID: 1109056

21. Mushroom And Asparagus Fritters

Find the recipe on Chew Town.

ID: 1109068

22. Six-Cheese Lasagna with Pancetta, Spinach and Asparagus in a Summer Basil-Cream Sauce

Recipe from The Cozy Apron.

ID: 1109086

23. Coriander And Nori Pesto Soba With Wok-Seared Greens

Find the recipe on Eats Well With Others.

ID: 1109092

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