18 Totally Badass Star Wars-Themed Lunches

You’re not a fan unless you eat like one too.

The sky in this lunch is made out of red cabbage and the sand is made out of pita and hummus. This Jawa is made out of tofurkey and has a black rice face.

ID: 987157

These Darth Vader sandwiches are filled with jam.

ID: 987172

R2D2 and C-3PO are made out of rosemary bread and are filled with olive oil and red pepper flakes.

ID: 987183

Chewbacca is made out of soba noodles with a nori, black bean, and tomato face.

ID: 988232

Yoda’s eyes are made of green M&M’s.

ID: 988895

Princess Leia has hair made of tortilla.

ID: 988259

Yoda’s head is a turkey sandwich.

ID: 988265

This lunch is complete with a Darth Vader sandwich and red lightsaber cupcake pick.

ID: 988315

This lunch has a Princess Leia sandwich with soybutter and jelly, an R2D2 sandwich with jelly, and R2D2 gummies.

ID: 988327

This lunch consists of a Millennium Falcon sandwich and Vader’s TIE Fighter cinnamon pie crust for dessert.

ID: 988373

This PB&J Yoda head sandwich is floating in a sea of space-shaped goldfish crackers.

ID: 988386

This Stormtrooper is made out of monterey jack cheese with nori detail, the sky is made out of rice and sesame seeds, and the death star is a dyed boiled egg.

ID: 988398

This TIE Fighter sandwich has strawberry jam in it.

ID: 988414

This is a PB&J sandwich with cheese accents.

ID: 988531

This is a turkey and cheese sandwich topped with an R2D2.

ID: 988563

Princess Leia is a cheese sandwich with rosy cheeks made out of jelly. Her hair is made out of almond butter sandwiches.

ID: 988578

This Ewok is made out of rice and has a seaweed face.

ID: 988756

Some of these Star Wars sandwiches are made with peanut butter and some of them are made with soy ham.

ID: 988846

IMPORTANT: You can buy Star Wars-themed pancake molds and cookie cutters here.

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